Painting Ceilings Is Tough But Manageable If You Follow These Steps


Painting the walls inside your home is a great decision. It is a smart remodel, whether your walls are drywall or cement board. The great thing about painting interiors walls is that you don't need to buy any special tools or costly supplies. Paint is cheap and easy to apply. However, painting your ceilings can be tricky, time consuming and physically exhausting. You need to plan out your painting and make sure that you use the right tools to effectively paint your ceilings. If you follow these steps, painting your ceilings will not only be quicker, it will also look better in the end.

Paint From the Ground

Many people wrongly assume that they should use a ladder to paint their ceilings. But, being close to your ceilings when trying to paint them is a huge disadvantage. First of all, it is hard to see which sections of the ceiling have been painted and which haven't. When you are a little further removed, you can notice the slight color change. When repainting ceilings the exact same white color as they were before, it can be hard to tell the difference in dim lighting.

Another advantage to painting when your feet are on the ground is that you won't be painting the section of ceiling right above your head. This means less paint dripping into your face and hair. Using a painter's pole with a standard roller (choose the nap according to the texture of your walls), you can roll the paint as you walk along the floor. This means that the angled pole will not be right over your head. Paint is bound to drip onto the floor (so make sure you thoroughly mask off), but it will be ahead of you as you walk forward. You will only need to get on the ladder when it comes time to tape off and paint along the edges of the wall. This step might actually end up being more time consuming than actually rolling the paint on.

Many people will repaint their walls and avoid repainting their ceilings. However, this is not a good decision. With fresh new paint on your walls, the fading and discoloration on your ceiling is bound to stand out. A fresh new coat of "ceiling white" paint will make your new color pop and your entire paint job will be all the more impressive. If you follow the previous steps, your new ceiling and wall paint will look great. You can even call companies like Paintersplus to help.


23 May 2017

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