How To Paint Over Your Home's Outdated 1970's Wood Paneling


If you would like to take your home out of the 1970s and into today by painting its ugly, old wood paneling, then you will be happy to learn that this is a simple procedure. While you may have heard horror stories about other people unsuccessfully painting their wood paneling, if you use the right process, then you can achieve wonderful results. 

To paint over your home's old wood paneling like a professional house painter, follow this straightforward procedure:

Step 1: Clean the Paneling with a Degreasing Product

Since your wood paneling has been on your home's walls for nearly half of a century, it has likely accumulated grease and grime on its surface. Oils left by people's hands often build up on paneling and the oils must be removed in order for the new paint to adhere well to the paneled walls. The best way to remove the oils and stuck on gunk is to use a degreasing product. You can find an appropriate household degreaser at your local hardware store.

Step 2: Fix Imperfections in the Paneling Using Drywall Compound

Once you have decreased the surface of the paneling and it has thoroughly dried, then you need to fill any nail holes or cracks with drywall compound. Rub the drywall compound on using a putty knife and then wipe back off the excess using the back of the putty knife. Allow the drywall compound to dry.

Step 3: Rough Up the Surface of the Paneling Using Sandpaper

In order for the new paint to properly adhere to your wood paneling, you need to first sand down the surface to rough it up. Sand all of the paneling using a medium-grit sandpaper. Your goal is not to sand down a lot of the paneling, you simply want to rough the top surface so it better accepts the paint.

Step 4: Caulk Paneling Joints Using a Paintable Caulking

Before you paint the paneling, first you should caulk around any joints where it meets the ceiling, wall, or other sheets of paneling. Apply a paintable caulking in each of these areas and allow it to dry before you paint.

Step 5: Paint the Wood Paneling with a Latex Primer and a Latex Paint

Finally, for the best paint coverage, you need to first paint the wood paneling using a latex primer. Allow the primer to dry and then paint the paneling with a latex paint of your color choice. For both coats, use a low-nap roller for the best coverage results. Visit a site like for more ideas.


26 April 2017

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