Three Options For Choosing Eco-Friendly Paint For Your Commercial Painting Project


Whether you're having the insides of your offices or the exterior of your business facility painted, hiring professional painters is the right choice, but for the best eco-friendly paint options you'll want to find a commercial painter who specializes in eco-friendly paints. There are several options available for reducing the environmental impact of your paint job, such as the three options listed here.

1. Exterior heat-reflective paint

Paint that reflects heat is most effective in warm climates, where you want to keep excess heat out of the building for most of the year. While many reflective paints work by being bright white in order to reflect sunlight, these paints come in a range of colors and work by reflecting the rays that are outside the human range of vision. Either option can help keep the inside of your building cooler, thus reducing the amount of energy and maintenance and coolant needed by your AC system. Because the AC system is one of the big energy hogs here in America (especially in the southern regions), this is a significant consideration.

2. Non-toxic paint

Non-toxic, low-emissions, and biodegradable are all indicators that your paint is less harmful to the environment around it. Low-emissions paint is especially important for paints used on interior applications; however, the VOCs that paint emits can have a significant effect on the outdoor environment as well. Biodegradable and non-toxic are especially important for outdoor applications because the paint could harm animals and the environment, especially if there's a spill, and these features could minimize the harm it does. 

3. Recycled paint

Recycled products are great because they give products and materials another chance to be useful instead of relegating perfectly good materials to a landfill. But more than that, using recycled products reduces the demand for new manufacturing, meaning that fewer new materials need to be dragged from the Earth and manufactured into usable paints (especially significant because manufacturing processes frequently use much more energy and cause much more pollution than recycling processes do). You may think that making this one paint decision won't have all that much impact on the paint manufacturing industry, and you're right, but it is a step in the right direction and if everyone took that step there would be much less paint waste in America.

These three options show that if you want to have your building painted, it's not necessary to go with the conventional, high-pollution and high-emissions option. You can reduce your ecological footprint in ways as easy as deciding what type of paint to use. For more information, contact companies like APC Services of New England.


17 March 2017

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