How to Paint Using a Pneumatic Spray Gun


If you are going to invest some of your hard earned money into a home remodel, you probably will appreciate a little return on your investment. That is, you should choose a project that will increase overall value of your property. There are many great examples of cost effective remodels, but it largely depends on the needs of your home. One of the most popular remodels is to repaint the exterior. This cost effective exterior upgrades will make your home look newer and more up to date. You can make this project even more affordable if you do the painting yourself. If you do decide to paint your exterior, you should consider using a spray gun. This article explains how to properly use a pneumatic spray gun.

Spraying Like a Pro

The first key to using a spray gun is using the proper spraying techniques. First, don't pull the trigger when the gun is not moving. That is, always keep the gun moving steadily as you are painting. It is usually most effective if you paint from side to side. However, you also want to focus on keeping the spray tip an equal distant from the wall. This means you need to move your body, and not just your arm when painting. This is less of an issue when you are painting the lower sections of the wall that you can get while standing on the ground. However, when you are working from atop a ladder, this can be problematic because you have no range.

Using Scaffolding

Renting a simple scaffolding system is a great solution because it allows you to walk a little from side to side. With the scaffolding, you can be a step or two back from the wall. Using scaffolding is more comfortable because there is less stress on your feet and neck. Also, you won't need to paint directly above your head and have over spray falling in your face and hair during the job.

Cleaning Your Gun

It is also very important that you keep your gun clean throughout the job. If your gun is not cleaned regularly, the nozzle can get clogged and the paint flow can be interrupted. As a result, you'll be left with an uneven finish.

If you use the right painting techniques and clean your gun regularly, painting with a pneumatic spray gun is definitely the way to go, even it is your first time painting a home. Talk to a professional like Artios Painting for more expert tips. 


13 March 2017

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