How to Create Perfect Edges


Painting the inside of your building is one of the most popular and useful remodels. It is a favorite among commercial property owners who want to do the work on their own and reduce the cost. It is a particularly cost effective project, especially if you do the work yourself. You will probably be surprised how a simple paint job can change the dynamic of other elements throughout your interior.

While interior painting is relatively simple, you will need to master a few techniques if you want your job to look professional. Most importantly, you need to figure out how to create clean, straight edges. This is definitely the most difficult part of the job. This article explains how to create the best edges when painting on interior drywall surfaces. 

Painting the Edges Like a Pro

Painting the edges is the most critical part of the paint job. Applying the majority of the paint to the rest of the wall with rollers is simple and goes by quickly. In the end, you will spend more time prepping and cutting in along the edges with a paint brush.

Professionals will often free hand it without any tape. However, if you don't have any painting experience, this will probably be too difficult for you to master. Instead, you will want to use 2" painter's tape. However, using only tape probably won't be enough, especially if your wall has any sort of texture. Even a slight texture can make it hard for the tape to stick well enough to the wall. The usual result is that paint seeps underneath the tape, leaving behind a splotchy finish. No matter how well you push the tape down, paint will usually bleed if you don't reinforce it somehow.

Using Spackle for a Better Line

Using lightweight spackling paste is a great way to reinforce your tape line and make it more effective. All you need for this job, besides the painter's tape, is some lightweight spackling paste and a few disposable latex gloves. Basically, you use your finger to spread a minimal amount of paste over the tape. Just rub it right over the tape line. You don't want to change the texture of the drywall. You will actually rub most of the spackle off of the wall, leaving behind only a thin film. Importantly, most of paste will push into tiny crevices or air bubble underneath the tape. This blocks the paint and prevents bleeding.

If you'd like more tips or would rather a professional tackle the job, talk to a commercial painter like Prestige Painting & Renovation.


10 March 2017

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