3 Things To Consider When Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home's Interior


Repainting the interior of your home is a great way to refresh your decor and modernize the look of your home. It's an appealing option for many homeowners because it's a fast yet high impact project which is considerably more cost effective than many other remodeling tasks.

When you're deciding on a new color scheme for your home, it's important not to hurry the selection process. Here are three things to consider before making your final choice.

1. Look at your furniture and fabrics

Unless you're planning to replace all of your furniture, curtains, and bedding, then your new color scheme will need to complement the various hues that you already have in your home. You can even pick a color which features on your soft furnishings to use as the primary color for your walls.

It's also worth selecting a variety of different paint colors for the different rooms in your home. What may feel lively and energizing in the kitchen may not match the calm and cozy feel you hope to achieve in the bedroom.

2. Don't be afraid of color

While it's sometimes tempting to stick to neutral tones for the interior of your home, using brighter and more vibrant hues can help you to create a unique and personal feel. Bright shades can bring light and warmth to small spaces and act as wonderful backdrops for artworks or pieces of feature furniture.

If you're not crazy about using wall-to-wall color, then a single feature wall in a bold shade is a good compromise. A single feature wall can also be easily and cheaply repainted if you're not happy with the end result or you'd like a change in the future.

3. Don't focus entirely on paint trends

Although you are probably aiming to modernize the look of your home by repainting it, it's important not to focus too heavily on the current paint trends in interior design. These trends change rapidly and often dramatically, which could see you repainting every year to keep up with the times.

While using interior design magazines for inspiration can be a great way to figure out your personal preferences, don't be swayed into choosing paint colors that are fashionable but not really your style. It's you that will have to live with your choices and paint that appeals to you both visually and emotionally is a better option.

Reach out to a painting contractor like Outstanding Results Painting when you're ready for your home to be painted or for more suggestions. 


8 March 2017

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